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Collection of Brick

Brick was an Atlanta band that created a successful merger of funk and jazz in the '70s they called "dazz." Brick's roster included lead vocalist/saxophonist/flutist Jimmy Brown; guitarist/bassist/vocalist Regi Hargis Hickman; lead singer Ray Ransom, who doubled as a bassist/keyboardist/percussionist; and Eddie Irons, who did lead vocals and played drums and keyboards. They recorded "Music Matic" for Main Street in 1976, before signing to the CBS-distributed label Bang. Their first Bang single, "Dazz," topped the R&B charts and was number-three pop in 1976, and they continued on Bang until 1982. Brick scored two more huge hits in 1977, "Dusic" and "Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody," each with a chunky, propulsive beat and catchy, light pop-jazz refrain. Their last Top Ten R&B hit was "Sweat (Til You Get Wet)" in 1981.

Album: Good High (1976)

01. Here We Come
02. Music Matic
03. Dazz
04. Can't Wait
05. Southern Sunset
06. Good High
07. Brick City
08. Sister Twister
09. That's What It's All About

Album: Brick (1977)

01. Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody
02. Living From The Mind
03. Happy
04. We Don't Wanna' Sit Down (We Wanna' Get Down)
05. Dusic
06. Hello
07. Honey Chile
08. Fun
09. Good Morning Sunshine

Album: Stoneheart (1979)

01. Intro
02. Stoneheart
03. By The Moonlight
04. Magic Woman
05. Life Is What You Make It
06. Raise Your Hands
07. Brick City
08. Dancin' Man
09. To Me
10. We'll Love

Album: Waiting On You (1980)

01. Push, Push
02. Get Started
03. All The Way
04. Don't Ever Lose Your Love
05. Waiting On You
06. Free
07. Sweet Lips
08. Let Me Make You Happy
09. Get Fired Up
10. Spread Love

Album: Summer Heat (1981)

01. Sweat
02. I Want You Know
03. Wide Open
04. Sea Side Vibes
05. Right Back
06. Babe
07. The Happening
08. Summer Heat
09. Sure Feel Good
Album: After 5 (1982)

01. Stick By You
02. It's A New Day
03. Let It Roll
04. Wild & Crazy
05. Peace Of Mind
06. When You Believe
07. Free Dancer
08. Anymore

Album: Too Tuff (1988)

01. Kum Danz
02. Bring Your Love Back (To Me)
03. Got To Be Where You Are
04. Slide
05. Too Tuff
06. Say The Word
07. Do Me Right
08. A Part Of Me
09. Dazz

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