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Cymande - Cymande (1972)
Cymande - Cymande (1972)

Invigorating head music done Rastafarian style by Cymande. "Zion I" is a spiritual chant put to music, setting the mood for Cymande. A laid-back "One More" lulls you into subliminal meditation before "Getting It Back" jolts you into some scintillating Jamaican funk-fusion. There's a message in many of Cymande's cuts, with "Listen," and "Bra" (a recognition of the women's lib movement), the most inspiring. Both are sung with passion, and are skillfully executed; the former is slow and painstaking in its message, while "Bra" slaps you upside the head with a stirring sax solo and bass-fueled vamp. An air of supreme coolness permeates Cymande, unusual for a first effort written by members of the band. Cymande sound like they have done this before; nowhere is this more evident than on the beautiful "Dove," a gorgeous concoction of lead guitar, tambourines, haunting backing vocals, and percussion, with the horns used as sparingly as table-seasoning on a gourmet dish. Along with "Bra," the group's most popular cut is "The Message" -- it's difficult keeping body parts still on this grooving mutha. All in all, Cymande is a marvelous collection that premiered a fine funk band.


A1 Zion I 3:29
A2 One More 3:06
A3 Getting It Back 4:16
A4 Listen 4:37
A5 Rickshaw 5:50
B1 Dove 10:50
B2 Bra 5:00
B3 The Message 4:19
B4 Ras Tafarian Folk Song 3:08

Bass - Steve Scipio
Congas - Pablo Gonsales
Drums – Sam Kelly
Guitar – Patrick Patterson
Producer – John Schroeder
Saxophone [Alto], Flute, Bongos – Mike Rose
Saxophone [Alto], Saxophone [Soprano] – Derek Gibbs
Saxophone [Tenor] – Peter Serreo
Vocals, Percussion – Joey Dee, Ray King

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Cymande - Second Time Round (1973) [Reissue 2003]

Cymande - Second Time Round (1973) [Reissue 2003]


01 Anthracite (5:32)
02 Willies' Headache (4:50)
03 Genevieve (3:60)
04 Trevorgus (3:25)
05 To You (3:31)
06 For Baby Ooh (2:17)
07 Fug (4:25)
08 Crawshay (4:21)
09 Bird (4:25)
10 Them And Us (5:25)
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Cymande - Promised Heights (1974) [Reissue 2007]


1. Crawshay
2. Recluse
3. Friends
4. Leavert
5. Losing Ground
6. Our Love (Will Really Get Going)
7. Promised Heights
8. Breezeman
9. Changes
10. Mighty Heavy Load
11. Them and Us
12. Fugs Back [Greenskeepers Rework]
13. Brothers on the Slide [Ruffy & Tuffy Edit]
14. Pon de Dungle
15. Sheshamani
16. Rastafarian Folk Song
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