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Saint Tropez - Discography [5 Albums] (1977-1982)

Saint Tropez - Discography [5 Albums] (1977-1982)

1977 - Je T'Aime (CD 1994)
1.Je T' Aime (Moi non Plus)
3.On a Rien a Perdre
4.African Symphony ( La Symphonie Africaine )
5.Coeur a Coeur

1978 - Belle de Jour (CD 1994)
1.Fill My Life With Love
2.One More Minute
3.Hold On To Love
4.Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
5.Belle De Jour
6.Most Of All
7.When You Are Gone
8.One More Minute(radio version)
9.Fill My Life With Love(radio version)

1982 - Femmes Fatales
1.Love Stealers
2.One More Minute
3.Femmes Fatales
4.Belle De Jour

1982 - Hot & Nasty (CD 1994)
01.The Love Stealers
02.Midnight Fantasy
03.I've Been Watching You
04.Save This Night For Love
05.Femmes Fatales
06.Say the Word
07.I Want to Do Something Freaky with You
08.Bein' with You
09.I Let Love Slip Right Through My Hands
10.The Love Stealers(remix)
11.Morning Music
12.The Chase

1982 - The Sensual Hits (CD 1989)
01.Je T' Aime (Moi non Plus)
03.Belle De Jour
04.Most Of All
05.When You Are Gone
06.Femmes Fatales
07.Bein' with You
08.I Let Love Slip Right Through My Hands
09.African Symphony ( La Symphonie Africaine )
10.Fill My Life With Love
11.Think I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
12.The Chase

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